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What is Negative Gearing?

COVID-19 has provided a great metaphor for what ‘negative gearing’ means in human terms. Broadly speaking, it’s when what’s going out is greater than what’s coming in. For all of...
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Regional Areas The Real Winners of Covid-19

There’s been a notable surge in demand across many Australian regions, with properties recording short days on market and strong competitive numbers, the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association (REBAA) has...
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Is It Better To Invest in Residential Property Or Commercial?

When it comes to property investment the question, “Is it better to invest in residential or commercial property?” is a topic that divides investors. Some say investing in residential property...
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When Can you Claim Property Repairs at Tax Time?

Landlords, the tax season is fast approaching! Are you ready? We do appreciate that the focus of every landlord is to optimise their tax returns and maximise their income.  However,...

When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Property?

Traditionally, more properties come to market in spring than at other times of year. But is there any reason they should? Does the season really matter when it comes to...